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Tire Deals

If you are searching online for ‘tires near me’, then you are at the right place. Audio America is the home of new and used tires of all types. We have been faithfully serving customers who are in Corona, CA and other locations including Chino and Ontario for many years now. 

Over the long period that we have been in business, we have learned that you need high-quality services from us. To address this need, we have assembled a team of highly-skilled technicians. Our technicians are responsible for all the repair work on tires. Moreover, our competent technicians can help you to install or repair the braking system of your car. Our technical staff is responsible for all the repairs, installations, and other works related to tires and brakes. Thus, if you are looking for ‘tires near me’, do not hesitate to come to Audio America Tire Shop and experience our top-notch services. 


We also have amazing tire deals just for you. For example, if you are looking for affordable tires, you may have to sample our collection of used tires. Our used tires are usually suitable for use even for many months. We usually sell used tires which are still in good working condition. Thus, if you buy them, you will benefit from getting useful tires at unbeatable prices.

We offer amazing tire deals to our customers by offering competitive prices for all the new tire types that we stock. We base our pricing plans on the quality of our tires and our value as a local company that serves the interests of the local population. Thus, you can visit us today to get a lot of amazing deals on used as well as new tires for your car. Please use the contact details that are provided elsewhere on this website to contact us.

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